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What Do I need?

Just a drivers license ...

As of August 2016, you only need a regular drivers license. Not a motorcycle license!

Owner Jerry with Slingshot in Phoenix

I can't thank you enough Jerry. You take amazing pride in allowing people to feel the full experience with a private and personal service. I can't thank you enough. You will be my only go to guy from now on. Thank you so much. -- Rob S., March 2017

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Based in Tempe, AZ, Fun Time Rentals has been renting motorcycles and other amazing vehicles for the past 25+ years...

Our clients say ...


The Polaris Slingshot is a blast to rent. Turn heads everywhere you go with this fun sporty vehicle!

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Our History


25 Years in Business

Our owner, Jerry, was the first to rent motorcycles in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He has always added fun vehicles to the fleet as well but none has been more popular than the Slingshot!

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